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Our mission

Branded Property Solutions LTD was founded by Tom and James Brand – 2 brothers on a mission to improve the quality of housing in their local area. They are passionate about helping homeowners with various property problems to understand the options available to them, and to help them get the best deal - whether they are selling, renting or buying a property. 

James has successfully managed a construction business for over 11 years – his attention to detail is astounding, and his hands-on approach creates peace of mind for all his loyal and returning customers. Not many can claim to match his skills on the tools and even fewer can match his perfectionism and passion for creating some of the most beautiful homes in Hertfordshire. With the help of his brother’s marketing and property research expertise – along with his ever-growing building knowledge, they are quickly becoming an unstoppable force within the construction industry. Together, they have created another sustainable sister company that helps every homeowner improve the value of their home. They have built a professional and reliable team of contractors with the knowledge and skill to bring every homeowner's dream project to fruition!

They continue to develop their knowledge bi-monthly by training with the UK’s leading property investment training company – Progressive Property. This gives them access to all the industry insights and opportunities, as well as some of the countries leading investors, solicitors, mortgage brokers and property experts.

They envision a future where landlords can rent their homes with confidence and guarantees. Where owners can sell their properties quickly and efficiently without time wasters and low-ball offers. Where the younger generations have a simple and affordable route to purchasing their own dream properties sooner. Where those who are struggling with repossession, divorce, negative equity or bereavement can find a compassionate hand willing to listen and aid in a smooth and comfortable exit strategy from all their property related concerns. 

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